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Pushy and Pully


You must push or pull the boxes to the marked fields. when a box is on a marked field it turns to a red box. You play a boy and a girl: The one can push the boxes, the other pull. With spacebar you toggle between the two characters

Out Run


You can drive here on two big courses. When you collect the coins you win time.



Search in four levels dogs. In each level are seven dogs. Control: mouse+w,a,s,d + shift-key for running



Abadox Remake (game on NES)

Be a Hero II


You work for the tv-show "Poison TV". For this show everybody can candidate. Then the candidate flies in a big spaceship and feels like a star. But he feels only so, because YOU fly before him and shoot all alienships. In the show HE is the hero, you are not shown. Of course you get much money, but you get no fame. All think you are not a hero, but they don't knoe the reality. The cameras for the show are four: 2 wich show the ship of the candidate and two which are installed on your ship and look forward.



You are the only survivor of the Squid Game. But you must solve one last task: Get out of this morgue. There is a timer running, when the time is over the room explodes. When you get it you get much money!

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