This Site is made for Retrogames. 1987 I got a c64 and then i played many games. When i was at friends i played often Amiga or NES. 1992 I got an Amiga, one year later i bought on second-hand a 486er PC. But what was 1995?!?! I STOPPED playing games. I hadnt any interests in games. But then, 2009, I downloaded the adventure "Maniac Mansion" and played it every third day. Later it was every second day, then every day. And after a while I had played this game to the end, and the fever started!

Games are very important in my life. I dont know, what is more important, playing games or making some. Both I cant miss: Gaming is such an exploration in another world, first the game is new and after a while you live in this world and forget all problems of our world. And making games is such a big adventure! Will I get it? Can I finish it? Will it be good enough?

In this homepage are games, good or not, which I played for a while. Enjoy this site about classic Games!