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Cemetery Gates I


You are a detective for paranormal subjects. You are ordered to a cemetery,
where people vanished. Find out what there is!
(First part is an adventure, second part is a ego-shooter)

The Hunt is on!


The hunt is on...and you are the prey! You must collect in each
level 8 easter eggs. Avoid the kids, they are hunting you!

Ice Saints


The spring is not coming! It's now 1st May and it is still snowing.
Maybe the Ice Saints are angry about something.
On the left you see arrows to switch between the screens.
There is a talking-button (mouth) and the other is a giving-button.
You can carry only one item.

Sonic Lost World


You are Sonic and must get to the end of each level.
You can collect the golden rings to get points.
Avoid the red bursts which are flying there.
Dont' forget to jump with spacebar! Each level is turning around

Monkey Island


small adventure, walking with cursor-keys, commands with mouse
made with my own adventure-engine
(to give an item, click on give, then on the item, then 2x on give)

Duck Hunt


Shoot in each level 20 ducks
4 level, control: mouse

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