This game is by Logotron in the year 1989. This is an action-game, the screen scrolls horizontal. With the stick you move, with stick up you transform to a hawk, with stick down and fire you activate an item, with fire you shoot. You are Horus and must revenge you father Osiris. The evil is the god Seth. He has killed Osiris and spread the pieces of Osiris. You must find the pieces and find a way through the dungeon. The first dungeon is gray, the second is blue.

This is a good game. It makes much fun to go through the dungeon. But sometimes there are many enemies, you are quick game over. For some lifts you need a key. In every area you can find a piece of Osiris. Go with the piece to the open black door. When you are a hawk you are faster. But in the blue area are the enemey-generators too hard, you can't destroy them, that's sad.
The controls are good, it is most of the game good to play. In the begin is music.

I played it the second half of November 2021