This game is by US Gold in the year 1990. This is an action-game. With the stick you move, with fire you shoot. E-SWAT is an elite-corps of police. This game was first a coin-op. There is a 2-Player-Mode. In the first three levels you are a normal cop, then you get the ESWAT-Armor. There are extras, one of them let you fly.

This is a nice game. The graphics are good and for each endboss you need a special tactic. The town you are playing is named Cyber City. The C64-version is most playable and it is better than the Amiga-version. There are six levels. The enemies are gangsters and later robots. When all lives are gone you can play further on with contine-function. On C64 it is maybe the best version of this game.
The controls are bad, it is most of the game worse to play. There is no music in the game.

I played it the second half of April 2020