This game is by Codemasters in the year 1989. This is an action-game. With the stick you move. You see a maze from above and must catch burger and drinks. But be aware, there are monsters you must avoid. This is a Dizzy-Game. The first levels are very easy. This game is similar to Pac-Man.

This is a good game. When you like Pac-Man you will love this game. There are some extras, with the arrows you will be faster or slower. The yellow coin makes you invincible for a while. After each third level you get an extra-life. There are bottles, with them you can kill or make slower the monsters. The music is very nice and makes fun. There is also a grey shield which protects you.
The controls are good, it is most of the game good to play. In the whole game is music.

I played it the first half of May 2020