This game is by Beam in the year 1988. This is a fighting-game. With the stick you move, with fire-button you can make different kicks or hits. When you play alone you must fight against two other fighters. There is a 2-Player-Mode. In the game are voice-samples. The background is a big city. There you can see adverts like from Coca Cola.

This is a nice game. But it makes most fun with a friend as second player. The highscore will be saved. You must get the right distance to hit an enemy. But it has not the great atmosfear like "Fist II". The moment that you lie on the ground is a little bit too long. You have wn a round when you got five ponts. When you are last (third) you are game over.
The controls are good, it is most of the game good to play. In the game is music.

I played it the first half of January 2023