This game is by Reline in the year 1989. This is the follower of "giana sisters". With the stick you move, with stick up you jump and with fire you shoot. There are 24 levels. In each level is a time-limit. The red stars you cant shoot, you must dodge them. With space-bar you freeze the game, then you can select a smart-bomb or a protection-shield. If you collect 100 stars you get an extra-life.

What for a nice jump'n'run-game! There is much to explore. Some abyss is a chest-chamber. There are warp-zones, too. In this game is a 2-Player-Mode, where the players are changing after some seconds. There are hidden bonus-rounds in this game. The shoot is not ahead, he makes a little arc. There are two highscores, one for the points and one for the level
The controls are good, it is most of the game good to play. In the game is very good music.

I played it the second half of November 2019