This game is by Andromeda in the year 1985. This is a dungeon-crawler, it is in real 3D! With the stick you move, with stick down you can see the automap and with fire you see your collected items. The first dungeon is red and you must search a ghost. When you get the ghost you get an item. You can collect nine items at once. The second dungeon is blue. There is a shop where you can buy with your items medicine.

This is a good game. It was one of the first dungeon-crawler in real 3D. In the second level are spiders which you don't have to touch. When you look at the automap the time goes on. When you are in the elevator you must turn around the stick. At the right side is a astronaut-sprite which you are and moves when you move. The second level is much bigger than the first. The highscore will be saved.
The controls are good, it is most of the game good to play. In the whole game is music.

I played it the second half of March 2022