This game is made by Sega in the year 1988. This is a fighting-platformer. You move with the stick, with the one button you hit, with the other you kick. It belongs to horror-games, because of the enemies. You can collect two extras. With the second extra you transform to a beast. Then the buttons have another function,you have then magic powers. The first level is in a cemetery, the second in a cave.

This is a nice game. But only this version is good, on homecomputers the adaptions are terrible. It's a mix of antique elements and horror. When you die you keep your extra. But when you solve a stage you start the next without extra. Maybe there are some unfair moments with the yellow flying demons. When you hit a grave in the first stage there comes out a demon. Only the music isn't good, it is very depressive.
The controls are good, it is good to play. There is music in the game.

I played it the second half of October 2022