This game is made by Namco in the year 1987. Pac-Man goes 3D, the level is shown in isometric view. You must go as Pac-Man in a labyrinth and eat little balls. You eat the balls and the enemies eat you, avoid them! With the stick you move your pacman, with a button you can jump over the enemies, which look like little ghosts. There are some greater balls, wich make the ghosts scared, they flee and you can eat them. Sometimes there lie fruits which give you extrapoints. The level will be bigger the following stages.

Do you like pacman? This game you will love. And when you dont like it, probably this version you play rather. Although there are some ghosts, there isnt a unfair situation. They follow you, but not permanently. I belong to the second group of people, I dont like pacman very much. But this game i like to play. The graphics are good, the scrolling is well. Although the game is nothing new it makes much fun.
The controls are good, it is good to play. There is music in the begin.

I played it the whole August 2019