This game is made by Sega in the year 1990. This is a puzzle-game. With the stick you move, with A you rotate the pieces. It is similar to "Tetris". You must build the pieces the same color. There is a 2-Player-Mode. This game was first a coin-op. It is like "Coloris" on Amiga. When you play longer the pieces fall faster.

This is a good game. There is also a modus where you play on time. The graphics and music are fine. It is the same addictive way like on "Tetris". If you are a puzzle-freak you will love this game. On Master-System-Version you can play with a friend together, on Mega-Drive you play against. This game was first a coin-op. You can toggle the pieces for one second when they are on the ground.
The controls are good, it is good to play. There is music in the whole game.

I played it the first half of June 2020