This game is made by Tecno Soft in the year 1990. This is a vertical shooting-game. With the stick you move, with A is shoot forward, with B is shoot backward. You move automatically forward. It is in a fantasy-scenario. There is a little intro but in japanese text. First you must solve three level, then you can play three other. When you solve a level you get a new spell. You can get extras like shield or more energy.

This is a good game. But it is a little bit frustrating, that you have only one life and no continue-function. After the first level you get as companion a little strong fairy. The graphics and music are very good. In the start you can select the level you want to begin. You must defeat monsters and collect the four elements. In the earth-level is rockfall, be aware! You can activate three-way-shooting.
The controls are ok, it is good to play. There is music in the whole game.

I played it the first half of August 2020