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Alchemy Quest


Pieces are falling from the top.
You need in a row or column three of the same
kind. Navigate with cursor-keys, dropping fast with space-bar.

Magic Candle


Another World: Toy World
Candle: You must collect with your car 9 candles in each level

Dracula's Castle


Your girlfriend was kidnapped!
By Dracula! He felt in love to her and brought her to his castle in Transylvania.
First you went to a priest, he gave you a sacred sword.
Then you travel to Dracula's Castle...

Best Day of my Life


game like the movie "Groundhog Day" (1993)

Alien Manuscript


You found an alien book written in a strange language.
Now you must find a dictionary for it to translate.
Of course, in this adventure someone has one.

Sewers of Skara Brae


You are in the Sewers of Skara Brae.
There is a mighty treasure hidden!
4 levels, controls: w,a,s,d and mouse

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