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Pokemon DX


Help to find the magic glasses of Pikachu!

Dance Tournament


After the countdown are shown dance-moves.
Recall them and play them with cursor-keys.
After each round you must recall one movement more.

Mario Kart


Mario Kart Clone.
2 courses, control: w,a,s,d and mouse

Cemetery Gates II


You must help your mother to brew a magic potion.
For this you must make some quests in the cemetery, where she is.

Car Crash Nightmare


You drive at night home, but suddenly you see an animal on the street.
You turn the wheel to the right - but you make a crash and fall in coma.
Now you dream and live in a nightmare!

Living Pumpkins


You are in a small village where someone has stolen the pumpkins.
You must help to save the halloween-feast.
The pumpkins are living, are they only jumped off or has somebody stolen them?

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